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Local Bands to Watch in 2014

Polka Wars

The four young men that make up the misleadingly named Polka Wars compose glorious noise pop that has no hints of polka or the war-like machismo that their name suggests. Their earliest material posted to the Internet has them more than copping American new-folk indie music. Vocalist Karaeng Adji’s melodious inflections bear more than a slight resemblance to the Fleet Foxes’ Robin Pecknold. Still, the band brings forth arrangements that rely less on the classic guitar-bass-drum setup and more on experimental flourishes; a sprinkle of spacey keyboards and distorted electronic drumming.

Though they have yet to release any physical documentation of their work, Polka Wars has been much hyped thanks to regular shows and good networking. Their newest material sees the band going further down the rabbit hole of psych rock, with plenty of unorthodox production. A split seven-inch record with indie rockers Jirapah, early this year, through the Bandung-based Orange Cliff records, will be their first non-Internet-based album.

By Marcel Thee

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